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Full and Archive Ethereum nodes -
High performance and fast connectivity

Test Node



Parity 2.4.5 (Mainnet)
HTTPS only – web3, net, eth, traces
* Source IP address is limited to 10 requests per minute

Dedicated Node

Dedicated Node with AWS Direct Connect

To build Direct Connection Between your Ethereum Node and your environment



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Q:What is the difference between a “full” node and an “archive + tracing” node?

A: Full node:
Stores the full blockchain data available on disk and can serve the network with any data on request. Receives new transactions and blocks while participating in block validation. Verifies all blocks, and states and stores recent state only.
DB size –

Archive + Tracing node:
Stores all data in the full node. Builds an archive of historical states, and provides a deeper insight into transaction processing.
DB size –

Q: Which client version will be installed?

A: The latest stable version, of either Geth or Parity clients.
For a different version contact us.

Q: What happens when the subscription ends?

A: We will send you a renewal email 7 days before your subscription expires.
You will receive additional notification 24 hours before the service will be stop.

Q: How to connect with eth7 Ethereum node?

A: eth7 Ethereum node supports the following RPC methods:
Geth – web3, net, eth, shh, txpool, debug.
Parity – web3, net, eth, shh, parity, traces (Archive + Tracing node only).

Q: How to work with eth7 Ethereum nodes?

A: You can query your Ethereum node using HTTPS or websocket. For more information:
Geth API –
Parity API –

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